Project Cars Gamepad Screen

Project Cars Gamepad Interface

I love Formula One, and I love driving games. Being able to drive the most historic race tracks in the world, or rather bounce of every crash barrier without injury. Modern F1 is the pinnacle of motorsport technology, but with this comes complexity for the driver. These complexities surface out as a myriad of buttons […]

Responsive design lets the website be accessible across mobile devices

Deborah’s Cake Creations

My client requested a simple website for her new cake decorating business. What we created was a single-page responsive web presence that tells her customers all the information they need to make an informed decision about purchasing from her company. Using her new business cards as the design starting point, we fleshed out a no-nonsense […]

Pretty Princess Gorgeous Girly Custom Converse by Squarefountain

Pretty Princess & Gorgeous Girly Custom Converse

These custom converse shoes are covered in 1000s of hand-placed crystals, with script embedded on the sides that reads.. “Pretty Princess, Gorgeous Girly”. Making them perfect for both a girly girl and grown-up princess.

AndroidWear - Record Player

Android Wear Concepts

With the announcement of more firms getting involved in wearable tech, and specifically smart watches and Android Wear, I came up with a few concepts for apps that might make life that little bit easier. Play Your Records with Android Wear Dribbble has spawned a number of Android Wear music player designs. The circular nature […]

I love to draw Disney princesses

Princess Pinups Colouring Book

My Princess Pinups Colouring Book is a collection of lineart images from my pinup series of sexy Disney Princesses. Featuring Belle, Ariel, Cinderella and Aurora, this colouring book is aimed at more mature colouring enthusiast. I love to see people’s versions of my own base artwork. Seeing how people change the image from what I […]


LED Light Up Iron Man Heartbreaker Custom Shoes

These light up Iron Man Mk. XVII “Heartbreaker” custom shoes feature LED arc reactors on the toes of the platform heels. Inspired by the Iron Man suits from the Marvel comic movies, these customised shoes are perfect for any billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. Put two triple-A batteries into each heel, turn of the lights, and become […]


What is Flat UI Design?

Flat UI design is methodology and trend used to convey complex user tasks through a simplified and well-designed user interface. By stripping away superflueous design features (borders, gradients, shadows etc.) the important features of any application at put front and center.



Weather apps have long been a mainstay for user experience designers. Each design searches for a unique way to bring the same information to the user. This information isn’t extraordinary in any way, it could easily be garnered by looking out of the window. But onward the designers press, exploring the world of possibilities for […]


The Left-Handed Zombies: Rock, Paper, Scissors

A quick adventure into the world of zombies and cell-shading. Also, “The Left-Handed Zombies” is an excellent name for a hipster-metal band – I’d be happy to sell it to your nameless trumpet & slash guitar combo for a shiny penny.