I nudge pixels and customise stuff

Web, UI/UX and Graphic Designer. Customiser and Artist from Shropshire, UK

Growing up, I wanted to be an illustrator, like my hero Quentin Blake. But I’ve always liked to design solutions for problems. And the internet is just the books of tomorrow.

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My Skills

I'm classically trained in fine art techniques such as sketching, painting and sculpture, as well as spatial and architectural planning. All these skills blend seamlessly with my use of computer design packages to create my web and print designs.

Photoshop & Illustrator

Over the years I have used Adobe's Creative suite for both good and evil.

HTML 5 & CSS 3

Being fluent in the latest standards lets me turn flat designs into responsive web pages.

Dreamweaver & Visual Studio

Working alone or in a team, it always helps to be able to speak developer.

jQuery & Javascript

Always judge a book by it's cover. I develop immersive front-end websites.

Wordpress & PHP

Content is king, and I've built themes that display your content in the best way.


Every thing I do, I do for the user. Putting them first results in fantastic solutions.

GiMP & Inkscape

Like Photoshop, just open-source. I can design fantastic sites in anything, just not Microsoft Paint.

Sketchup & Google Earth

Taking design into the third dimension, I know how to create virtual worlds and famous landmarks.

Custom Shoes and Accessories

Each pair of custom shoes is different from the last. Every accessory is given a breath of individualistic new air. Unique and one-of-a-kind prototypes that can be worn or improve your life with a little creative and whimsical twist.

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